Nature Haven Counseling Center

Nature Haven is a unique facility, offering specialized therapy and counseling in a pristine, beautiful environment, located in the outskirts of Edgerton, Wisconsin.  Whether you need a short session, or an extended retreat, we’re here for you.

We offer day and weekend formats
for couples or families needing intensive therapy.

What We’re About

Whether you’re suffering from regular bouts of anxiety and depression, or you want to fortify and rebuild strained marital and familial relationships, Nature Haven Counseling Center is your shelter when the storms of life surround and threaten you.

With a specialty in the restoration of relationships, we provide family and group therapy, marriage counseling, and individual psychotherapy for adults and youth. From attention deficit disorders to abuse counseling, our caring and experienced professionals are here to restore and revive your mental health.


Improve the quality of your life.
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